Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wildly creative, funny and talented mom wanted!

Verity Credit Union is searching for a wildly creative, funny and talented Seattle-area mom to be our part-time blogger and spokesperson for one year. This special mom will earn $20,000, and will receive a new laptop computer and a HD Canon video camera.

Proving that youths aren’t the only ones connecting and engaging online, Verity Credit Union is continuing its successful Verity Mom program by conducting a search for a new Verity Mom to blog, create videos and connect with other moms online. 

The first Verity Mom, Rosemary Garner, won the opportunity via the online job competition in 2009. The one-year gig turned into two, and now it’s time for a new voice. The winner of the contest will secure a paid, part-time blogging position ($20,000, one year contract), a laptop computer, and a video camera.

Shari Storm, Verity Credit Union’s chief marketing officer, states, “Moms make most of the spending decisions in a family and they hold the most influence over where their children will eventually do their banking. We look at this as a multi-generational strategy.”

According to Storm, Verity Mom provides the perfect platform to continue build a place where moms meet and talk, while providing Verity a chance to ask more questions and learn more about them.

“Rosemary created wonderful content on the website and developed a significant following.” Said Storm, “The new Verity Mom will have big shoes to fill, but we recognize that a new Verity Mom will bring her own spin, and we encourage that.”

How the program works:

·         Moms will visit, fill out the application and upload a video and blog post: deadline to apply is noon on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.
·         Everyone can watch and participate as the applicants are narrowed down to 3 finalists.
·         Site visitors vote for the finalists they think should be the winner starting October 19, 2011.
·         The winner will receive a part-time blogging contract worth $20,000 / year, a laptop computer and a HD Canon Video Camera.

Prizes will be awarded to the other two finalists as well.

Click Here to enter to win!

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