Monday, September 19, 2011

Use the popularity of coffee to advertise your business!

A coffee sleeve advertising campaign is a powerful way to reach potential customers. Local coffee cafe and restaurant patrons tend to conduct other business locally. They will go out of their way to support other local business. When you advertise on a coffee cup sleeve, your message is getting in front of people who would prefer to do business with you - if they had your information!

Your brand. Your image. Your message. All right in your customers hand - with a custom printed coffee cup sleeve! Sleeves for coffee, cocoa, hot tea, ice cream, blended drinks or virtually anything else that is hot or cold served in a cup - you can maximize your success with a key marketing asset that sits right in front of your customer on the table and right beside them in their car. Create a mobile billboard that works for you!

Use the code BIZBEWARE to get a 13% discount on your new coffee sleeve campaign.

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