Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gifting to Alyssa Milano

I have to say that the actual gathering of amazing products and the creative assembly of the gift packages that go to our network of celebrities is by far the funnest part of Celeb Hoopla.  When celebrities receive our packages they know that a lot of care was put into every element....including the time that our gifting clients put into their own product presentation.

Here's a list of the amazing products that Alyssa Milano will be receiving with links to their websites:

Laughing Lily
Nightmare Nibbler
Sweet Mango Baby
Boca Beth - Bringing Spanish to Life
Jewelry By Andrea
See Baby Grow
Tree of Life Design
Vintage Body Spa Eco Baby Botanicals
Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album

Mommy Perks, our partner in Celeb Hoopla, will be posting information about each product on their blog. 

Here are fun photos of the gifting assembly process:

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