Monday, May 9, 2011

Only Three Spots Available for Gifting to Alicia Silverstone

We have a small, but powerful gifting that we've lined up with Alicia Silverstone to congratulate her on her upcoming birth of her first child.  The purpose for this gifting and every gifting Celeb Hoopla lines up is to introduce the fabulous products within our network to celebrities, therefore providing an invaluable and affordable marketing opportunity.

Alicia is VERY health and environmentally conscious, so we are only gifting products that fit within this category.  If you have a baby or mommy product that is eco-friendly and/or for the healthy/vegan connoisseur, then it will fit in nicely with this gifting.

Hurry, there are only 3 spots left and the deadline for booking your spot is this Friday, May 13th!!!  The price to be a part of this gifting is only $97 and includes all of the online promotion that every gifting with Celeb Hoopla receives.

Click Here if you are interested in being a part of this gifting!
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