Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inventor Showcase: BabyAnywhere

I was so pleased when I received a call from Shlomit Haller, owner of the BabyAnywhere product line expressing her interest in becoming part of the Womentorz community.  Not only was I extremely impressed with the product, but their product development and personal story are very inspiring.  Plus, Shlomit lives in Seattle, so I knew I would like her!!!  I'm pleased to introduce BabyAnywhere to the Womentorz community! 

Q. How and why did you come up with the idea of your invention(s)?

Michal First, an Israeli mom of two girls and an artist, invented her first baby bath product when she had her first daughter, Tommy. Michal couldn’t find a product that will help her wash her newborn safely and at the same time provide a warm, soft and cradled environment for such a small baby. She created the first Batya: a soft infant bather. Tommy was so relaxed nestled and floating in the Batya, that bath time became the most pleasurable time in Michal’s family day. Friends and family wanted the Batya too, and soon it became a best seller in Israel and Europe, and the brand Pomfitis was born.

Q. You have several inventions.  Can you tell us more about all of your products?

When Tommy grew up and was too big for her Batya infant bather, Michal invented the Papillon- Baby Bath Ring. The Papillon was such a great alternative for the classic plastic baby bath seats, that it soon was known as “the Batya’s big brother” with buyers all over the world. The Shibaba toddler bath seat was invented when Tommy was 18 months old and became Tommy’s best bath friend. Watch the clips of how the products work at www.BabyAnywhere.com.

Q.  What makes your product so unique to the baby product industry?
All three products, Batya (0-10 months old), Papillon (10-18 months) and Shibaba (18 months – 3 years +) are made of soft fabric and they float. This is so unique and make a great alternative to cold and firm baby bath plastic seats and baths. The fact that they float enable baby to develop his sense of movement, balance and independence and at the same time hug and safely secure the baby. There are no other products in the American market that has those qualities!

Q. How does your product keep babies safe?

All three products have special ergonomic shape and unique sewing that makes baby safe in the water. They are safe to parents too: no more holding your slippery baby in one hand and wash him with the other! More specifically for each product: The Batya adjusts itself to baby’s shape and nestles infant’s body while supporting his head safely out of the water.

The Papillon is even safer than a plastic baby seat since it supports baby that tries to stand up and fall back to the water. A plastic seat doesn’t support a baby that stands up in it.  Older babies, 18 months and up, like to ride on the Shibaba instead of floating around in the tub with no support.

Q. What was your experience like in the actual design and manufacturing of your product(s)?

Shlomit Haller, (myself), a mother of 2 girls, an online entrepreneur and the owner of www.BabyAnywhere.com based in Seattle,  was using the Papillon for my 2nd baby and fell in love with the product. I was sorry I didn’t know of Pomfitis’s products with my first daughter. I contacted Michal and started to import the Batya, Papillon and Shibaba to the USA and sell them online through BabyAnywhere.com and soon it became an online great success. Michal and I decided to cooperate and now I am the marketing manager of the brand- Pomfitis. The orders for these unique three bath products are growing and expending around the world.

Q. How do you balance running a business with family?

Raising a family and a business is not easy BUT I L-O-V-E doing both! While my kids are at school, I am working as Pomfitis’s marketing manager AND also: cooking, doing the laundry, doing the shopping… I try to finish all my duties before I pick up my girls from school so I can be with them in the afternoon. Since Pomfitis has clients around the world with different time zones, sometimes I have phone conversations after I put the girls to sleep.

Q. What fact would readers find interesting about you?

Born and raised in Israel, I was obliged to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. I took it far and volunteered to a top secret unit. I got to demonstrate for the commander-in-chief when he was visiting the unit!
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