Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aromatherapy Pacifier ~Inspire The Senses~ From Walliebabies Certified Organic Essential Oils

Walliebabies has developed the first and only pacifier into a health development of “sense of smell”  and Aromatherapy with the importance of safety first for your infant. Enjoy the discovery of development and aromatherapy for your infant. 

Select oil blends of your choice:
Colic/Stress Relief, Cold/Flu/Allergies/Stuffy Nose, Immune Protection Purification,
Calming, Sleep Assist, Childhood Dreamy. Colors of Blue or Pink available. An economical
choice for affordable aromatherapy for your infant. Absolutely no direct contact of oils. Orthodontic Tip, Free Flow Design. All parts BPA free. Made in America.

Available In Single Scents:

ClickHere To Reserve Your Order. Limited Supply.

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