Monday, January 23, 2012

Get your product to Jennifer Garner along with a massive amount of online marketing!

We have lined everything up to send a gifting to Jennifer Garner to celebrate her third bundle of joy with Ben Affleck.

Last night Jennifer Garner expressed the challenges of pregnancy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Apparently her pregnancy is the "topic of choice" among people who meet her in the street, recounting one incident where a well-wisher mistook her due date.

"I had one gentleman at a restaurant who said to me in November, 'Oh, Merry Christmas!' I said, 'Merry Christmas to you', and he said, 'No, you're going to have a Merry Christmas clearly'," she said.

"I realized he meant I would have the baby for Christmas, and I'm not due until a couple of months from now! I was like, 'Dude, I'm not due for months, you should know never say that to a woman!'"

Garner continued: "All you can say is, 'Wow you look tiny, how gorgeous are you? Look how thin your thighs are! Wow, way to go!'"

Anyone who has been pregnant can relate to this hilarious story.  This is why we love Jennifer and why she could use a smile on her face from our gifting.

One of the Many Benefits of Working with Celeb Hoopla is the Online Marketing!

Over the years of working with mom and women-owned businesses, it’s become clear to us that Online Exposure is one of the most effective long-term marketing strategies. This includes blog posts, back links, SEO, key words and titles, networking, tweeting, facebooking and more. Based on our own findings we put a great deal of focus into the Online promotions that go hand-in-hand with our Giftings. It’s great to gift someone but really – that’s just the starting point. Without a blog post, back links, key words and social media promotion, what good does the gifting do for your online business, right?   This is something that is extremely unique when using Celeb Hoopla that is worth much more than the small gifting investment.

If you follow our giftings you'll know that we usually give a percentage of the profits to the celebrity's favorite charity.  We continue this tradition by giving 10% back to Save the Children, which is a charity close to Jennifer Garner's heart and a favorite of Jennifer Powell, the creator of Fat Cat Phonics, who will be participating in this gifting. 

Deadline to book your spot in this amazing gifting opportunity is Friday, January 27th!  We are making our giftings even more affordable at only $50 to participate.  This is why we will fill up fast.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

This gifting is now CLOSED.  Stay tuned to see all of the amazing gifts Jennifer will be receiving.

As some of you know by now, a few of our clients requested that we offer a gifting service. Womentorz and Mommy Perks joined forces to offer Celeb Hoopla: a safe and affordable way to send gifts to hand-selected celebrities.

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