Wednesday, July 13, 2011

National Giada Tea Party Held at Womentorz Headquarters

Celeb Hoopla recently coordinated an amazing gifting to Giada De Laurentiis to celebrate the honor she had been given as the celebrity chef for the royal couple at The Foundation Polo Challenge. The charity match was held at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club in Santa Barbara, California., on Saturday,July 9th.

Here are the fabulous participants in the Giada's Gifting:

Click Here to see pictures of the products gifted to Giada!

To continue the celebrations we asked that our network across the nation hold their own tea parties from the time of the gifting until the actual event on the 9th.  There have been some amazing parties to commemorate the event, which we will share throughout the week.  

I was quite ill during my tea party, so most of the pictures you see are before the party started and a few during the party.  It was still a fun evening regardless of the nasty virus! 

Here are photos of the tea party held in Seattle, WA at the Womentorz headquarters:

Elizabeth Brooks, the inventor of Sweet Talk Wipes, was the life of the party and such a pleasure to
get to know!  We all loved her product and was amazing by its versatility
Introducing Sweet Talk Wipes - The minty fresh solution impregnated on each Sweet Talk Wipe not only cuts grease and grime, but it  ‘de-talk-sifies’ too, wiping out the little buggers that’ll make you sick! This is an amazing party favor!

Elizabeth demonstrates using the Sweet Talk Wipes.  She even disinfected my grimy laptop,
which was good with all of the germs I was carrying around at the party!!!

Visit to learn more and prepare for cold and flu season!  I needed this product before my party!  Maybe I wouldn't have gotten so sick.
Party goers could stay warm while visiting the fishies in the pond!  It was also a great place to stay away from my germs!

The tea party was mostly held outside because the weather was amazing.  You don't get many of those days in Seattle!
We had pastries and an assortment of teas for the guests.

There was more food than the guests could eat.  Lots of leftovers!!!

Little bro, mummy and my good friend Allison enjoyed a cup of tea!

Some tea please!

Guys talk about football in order to look manly during a tea party!
 We all had a blast celebrating the royal event!!! 

Womentorz and Mommy Perks have partnered up to bring our clients Celeb Hoopla. Upon request, some of our contacts asked that we offer a professional gifting service for celebrities.  It's a wonderful partnership providing a power marketing service!
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