Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Networking and Meeting Other Women Inventors is so Important

We have all heard the saying, "It's who you know, not what you know.", and in many cases this is true when it comes to increasing business and being truly successful in marketing your invention.  You can't just develop a product, publish a website and expect people to know how or where to find you.  You simply don't exist until you're out there meeting people and letting them know about your product and where it can be found. 

This is where Womentorz and other social networking forums come into play....and they should ALL be utilized!!!  The more places you are the more people you can meet.  Even if you simply have a presence on all of them you are doing great.  I would suggest picking your top three favs though and spending the bulk of your time on those.  As long as you're out there meeting and connecting is the most important thing.  This is especially true if you're an inventor. 

It can be lonely out there!

Attend social events and have fun!!!
It's easy to get consumed in our daily lives and forget how important it is to meet like-minded individuals with similar passions and aspirations.  They keep you motivated and inspired.  Inventors are a special breed of people who feed off of each other.  When you're on your own and not surrounded by this energy it's challenging to stay creative and innovative. 

We've witnessed this energy during our Skype Parties.  These parties end up having a life of their own.  We thought we had to have a structured forum, but when the creative juices started flowing between the women who were sharing their experiences and frustrations we didn't want to stop what we were witnessing.  There was so much knowledge being thrown around.  It is amazing to witness! 

The parties are easy to be a part of!  The women simply sign up to be part of the Womentorz group and when the scheduled time comes Skype calls them all up.  They can come and go as they please, so attending the party even for just a little while is manageable for most schedules.  The parties are every month and only last an hour, so every inventor that's part of the group should be able to attend.  Plus, it's FREE!!!  What's better than that?

The parties were a big hit when Womentorz was smaller, but now that we've grown we can't stress enough how important these networking events can be.  You can learn so much from each other and the more diverse the group the better!  If you're having a problem most likely one of the party goers will be able to brainstorm with you to find a solution. 

All social networks are built to help you grow your business and be successful.  It's important to utilize them as much as possible!  We hope to see you at the next party!!!
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