Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Halloween is a HUGE hit in Downtown Edmonds

Colleen and I were so excited to be part of bringing Green Halloween to the Downtown Edmonds Halloween Festivities.  This was a joint effort between Womentorz.com, MyEdmondsNews.com, Sustainable Edmonds and the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce with Coldwell Banker Bain hosting the Costume Swap on October 9th, which was a huge hit.  We really appreciated the support during the entire process of introducing Green Halloween to Edmonds.  Our booth was so overwhelmingly popular that we could barely keep up and went through thousands of products that were handed out to literally tens of thousands of families.  We've never seen anything like it!!!  It looked like Woodstock! 

The most popular event at the booth was the Recycle Toss.  The kids LOVED it as much as if they were at a carnival.  We also had a candy buy back program with a chance to win a $60 gift card to Toys R Us.  There was something for everyone!

All of the business involved in sponsoring the booth received huge exposure and peace of mind that they were providing a healthy alternative to the massive candy normally passed out during Halloween.  It was quite the experience and very fulfilling.  We hope to get more businesses involved now that we know how popular the booth was.  It's nonstop activity and excitement!!!  

Here are some photos from the event. I apologize for the quality.  I forgot my camera through all of the craziness and could only use my camera phone.  


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