Monday, March 3, 2014

Rein, the GREAT Dane, is doing more GREAT things with The Rein Coat

We were so honored to feature Paula Hege, CEO and Founder of The Rein Coat Pet Harness, on our radio show that we had to share her passion for helping animals beyond her amazing invention!!!

The Rein Coat's mantra of helping one pet at a time is working with Rescues and Shelters throughout the US to help highlight pets with fascinating stories. The pets that they will seek out are not the ones that have already been proclaimed as the media darlings that everyone is talking about. Rein, and The Rein Coat, are searching for misfortunate pets that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Each week Rein, and The Rein Coat, will be highlighting Rein Drop’s Rescue of the Week by sending him/her a Rein Coat to help ease the transition to his forever home and spotlight his story throughout social media to encourage more people to adopt and help their local shelters and rescues. The Rein Coat will also function as a conduit to connect you, the public, to this pet, this shelter or this pet’s shelter-mates if you choose to donate something to each week’s cause. We hope that you will share the stories of Rein Drop’s Rescues with your friends and followers each week to help us celebrate our victories and help us to raise awareness and change the lives of animals, one pet at a time. Please help us, help those who need it the most.

For more information and to support Rein Drop's Rescues, visit
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