Saturday, May 18, 2013

Get your product showcased on Good Day Sacramento!

Once again, The Women Inventorz Network has a very exciting media opportunity! Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight will be featuring their “W.I.N. Certified”/top product picks on Good Day Sacramento in the beginning part of June. Click here to learn more about this highly regarded show and their amazing team.
Julissa Ortiz will be interviewing W.I.N.

Obviously, being featured on a very popular talk show is wonderful, but what makes this even more special is that we have more time in our segment to really tell the story about each product.  The Good Day Sacramento program has a very fun and uplifting environment that’s a perfect fit for our network.  The massive viewership is exactly our target demographic who would purchase the products Dhana and Melinda will be promoting.  Their Facebook following alone is well over 72,000, which is more than most talk shows. This doesn't include our own network’s massive online reach! 

Media Highlights

The Good Day Sacramento team would really like us to showcase a wide array of products, so the theme is fun, unique and innovative.  Because of this it really opens things up for our network!  They understand the talents of our ladies, and don’t want to pigeon hole the segment’s creativity!

Deadline to be considered for this opportunity is
Wednesday, May 22nd.  

To apply simply leave a comment below with a link to more information.  We will contact you if your product appears to be a fit with more details.  Please no emails unless you have a question specifically about the program.  Even though we have a much longer segment, we still have a limit to the number
of products. 

The cost if your product is selected for this amazing opportunity is $350. 
Only submit your product if you’re willing to pay
this minimal fee.

The lucky inventors who are selected for this segment
will receive:

Having their product featured on a well-regarded talk show with a large viewership
Media clip that their able to use for their own marketing
Aggressive promotion online through the Women Inventorz Network
       -Showcasing segment on our homepage reaching over 200,000 pageviews
        per month

       -Social media promotion to well over 500,000 fans and followers through Twitter        
         and Facebook through our popular tweet campaigns.

        -Permanent blog posting featuring each product that was showcased on the
         segment and where to purchase it.  This will bring SEO to your websites long
         after the segment has taken place.  This is worth the fee alone!!!

We were recently featured on Good Day Chicago, which ended up being syndicated in 9 major stations across the Nation!!!  The media loves our network and the concept of the latest women invented products coming to market!

What does it mean to be W.I.N. Certified?
Even though our network is an equal opportunity platform to promote your product, the products Dhana and Melinda showcase have received their stamp of approval.  They have a very detailed qualifications process that means that they stand behind the inventor and their invention and recommend viewers purchase their product. 

We do need to see the product in person, so it’s possible your product may not receive the “W.I.N. Certification” due to quality.  If this is the case, we will discretely inform you and reimburse the fee.  

If your product isn't selected for this segment doesn't necessarily mean we wouldn't use it for future media opportunities, so please don’t be disappointed.  Even though the theme is broad, we will want the products to flow well from product to product.

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