Thursday, January 3, 2013

KatCarey Designs Sends Fred Savage and Family an Adorable Gift

We all remember Fred Savage from The Wonder Years!  This was a classic of the 80s that's still enjoyed today!  It's hard to believe that Fred is all grown up and has a family of his own with three children, two sons and a daughter with his childhood sweetheart. 

Kathleen Carey of KatCarey Designs has been a long time fan and wanted to congratulate him of the recent birth of his son with an adorable Diaper Cake.

Kathleen is a mixed media collage and acrylic abstract artist whose work is inspired by the environment. She put together a special diaper cake creation with cloth diapers and two onesies. This adorable creation was topped off with a plush green monkey and two brightly colored birds.  This makes a perfect gift for any new parent! 

Her website is a must visit to see all of her amazing creations.  Here are just some of her creations to wet your appetite.

Carnelian with Sterling Silver Chain
Surreal Emotion
Purple Mask

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