Sunday, November 4, 2012

FundaGeek Premium Marketing Offer Only for Womentorz Network

It was wonderful to hear from FundaGeek that so many of you have signed up on FundaGeek, the UIA supported Crowdfunding site for Inventors.

We just received word from FundaGeek that several of you have started building your Crowdfunding projects.  We’re so happy that you’ve decided to take advantage of this new funding paradigm.

In support of all the new Womentorz signups FundaGeek is going to extend their special offer to the first two of our members who launch a project on FundaGeek. The first two projects that launch will receive Premium Marketing Resources at no additional charge. This enhanced marketing support is provided by FundaGeek and usually costs an additional 4%. 

This special offer is only available to the first two Womentorz members who launch their crowdfunding project on FundaGeek before November 30th.

You can read about Premium Marketing here:

Or better still, start building your project at FundaGeek's Inventors portal and win this valuable prize:

In order to be eligible for this special offer, FundaGeek has to know that you came to them from Womentorz. So please, when you sign up you’ll receive their confirmation of registering email and it also asks you how they heard about FundaGeek. YOU NEED TO RESPOND INDICATING WOMENTORZ.

You’ll find FundaGeek is very supportive and will greatly assist you in building a project on their site.
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