Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Momtrepreneur/Inventor, Marcy McKenna hits a home run for the bath and home organization industries.

Rarely does an invention come along that is a virtual slam dunk in terms of changing the way we go about our daily lives.  Momtrepreneur and Inventor Marcy McKenna, appears to have done just that with her break through invention, The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet.  When we think of inventions in terms of “solving a problem”, this one sets the bar.  Kelly Ripa and the folks at TLC and HSN happen to agree as Marcy and her Style & Go™ product beat out thousands of others to win their reality show competition, Homemade Millionaire.

Gone are the days of tangled cords, cluttered bathroom counters and unsightly hair care appliances haphazardly hung on walls or strewn across valuable bathroom counter space.  Women and men alike will rejoice at the thought of having an aesthetically pleasing cabinet mounted on their bathroom wall to neatly house their hair care appliances and products, all while consolidating several cords into one and eliminating the fire hazard so commonly seen when appliances are stored improperly.  Even men will be relieved to have their counter space freed up and their bathroom looking neat and organized.

The cabinet is a dream come true for many who face the problem of limited bathroom counter, drawer and cabinet space or for those who just long for an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, free of ugly cords, hairdryers, curling irons and straightening irons.  With mounting devices for all three appliances, a separate electrical outlet for each and shelf space for hair care products and accessories, the cabinet seamlessly consolidates all your hair care needs into one space.  Mirrors on both the exterior and interior cabinet door in conjunction with an existing bathroom mirror make for easy multi-side viewing when the appliances are in use.  And because there is no need to wait for appliances to cool down before putting them away, you’ll save much needed time in the morning and your bathroom will always look its best.

With a product of such mass appeal, and with nothing else on the market like it, The Style & Go™ Hair Care Valet seems a shoo-in for the award winning Inventor.  The product is scheduled to launch this Summer on the home shopping powerhouse, HSN. 

Marcy’s first invention to hit the market, The Cambia™ Clutch Collection garnered nearly a five star rating across the board and is now sold out on HSN.  Another of her products, “My French Press,” will be debuting in July during HSN’s “24 Hour Chef’s Event.”  Marcy recently partner with Celebrity Stylist, Rachel Zoe to create an innovative lifestyle and accessory line that is expected to launch next Spring.  With 17 other inventions in development, this is only the tip of the ice berg for her brand, “Simply Solved by Marcy McKenna.”

For more information about Marcy and her products go to www.marcymckenna.com.
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