Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entreboard Directory - An Amazing New Tool for Businesses to Promote their Services and/or Products!

We have some very exciting news about a much needed tool for all entrepreneurs!!!  The Entreboard Directory has launched today and will provide an amazing platform for entrepreneurs to connect and promote their business at a VERY affordable price. 

The Entreboard Directory will be an essential tool for consumers and other entrepreneurs to find safe and reliable resource for all aspects of their business and/or personal life.  The exposure during our live and recorded events provide ongoing and significant promotion of all of the vendors within the directory.

With this user friendly platform you'll be able to:
  • Provide a complete description of your business, products, certifications, awards/media coverage and visual marketing tools.
  • Embed product demos or product pitches
  • Allow customers leave testimonials, questions and feedback
  • Share your social media connections
  • And much more…
Don’t wait to get on the Entreboard Train!

We are calling the first ten businesses to load their profiles in the Entreboard Directory our EntrePioneers!!!  You are the first to realize what a great tool the Entreboard Directory is, and your tenacity and savvy will be greatly rewarded!  The EntrePioneers will receive a very special shout out during the Entreboard live event on the 27th that will also be recorded and posted all over the internet for ongoing publicity.  To be considered an EntrePioneer you’ll need to load your profile by Friday, February 24th, so you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity. 

Entreboard = Access & Opportunity

Knowledgecrush Inc., and Womentorz, Inc. are providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to literally become a virtual fly on the wall while experts on a particular subject share invaluable knowledge that will directly impact your business for the positive.  Our “EntreSpecialists” will be seen via video conference where they can see and hear each other in a virtual round table.

It is free for entrepreneurs to attend all Entreboard live events where current and aspiring entrepreneurs will have a chance to network with each other using our live interactive chat feature as well as a discussion forum after the event.  Because this is a free event there will be large numbers of professionals to network with.  There will also be a great deal going on via Twitter so be sure to use hashtag #Entreboard over the next two weeks to see all of the action.

Don’t miss the first Entreboard event on February 27th at 10:00 AM EST where you can meet Mike Michalowicz, author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Oriel Ross, CEO of Small Biz Engine and our other fabulous EntreSpecialists who will be discussing everything entrepreneurs need to know about obtaining funding for their business.  Click here to register to attend Entreboard.

A live link will be sent out Friday, February 24th where you can visit the Virtual Roundtable Room and receive a wealth of information leading up to the exciting live event on the 27th! Stay tuned for the Entreboard Train!!!

Entreboard - Mike Michalowicz from Obsidian on Vimeo.

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