Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kiboomu is the new iTunes for Kids at a Fraction of the Price!

Are you a teacher, home school parent or educator? Are you building your music library, looking for affordable early childhood songs?

The new Kiboomu has just launched: www.Kiboomu.com


Kiboomu was founded in late 2010 and since that time, has skyrocketed in the realm of social media. The co-owners, Sherry and Wendy, have a heart and passion for education, music and early childhood. Kiboomu is a woman-owned website run by two award-winning females with backgrounds in music, early childhood and global business ownership. Their combined interests include the music industry, education, learning songs, multicultural materials, children's apps, arts/crafts, teaching tools and more.

Teachers, parents, grandparents, home-schoolers, nannies and librarians can purchase annual music subscriptions for $10 (50 song downloads) or $24 (unlimited downloads). Kiboomu hopes to assist teachers and parents by offering affordable music for their homes and classrooms. Songs range from theme-based (ABC's, 123's, country western, French, Spanish, etc) to holiday related and faith-oriented; with everything in between!

Why buy from iTunes when Kiboomu has you covered for a fraction of the price? When you purchase the $24 subscription, you’ll have access to unlimited songs for just $2 per month.

Now that’s something to SING about!

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