Friday, June 3, 2011

Inventor Reality Show Casting Call

Deadline June 15, 2011
U.S. Residents Only 
Hollywood Producer is looking for men and women inventors that have a viable product for a pilot for a reality series.  There are many inventors with products that have great potential. Many times, individuals with an “it” product are undercapitalized and over budgeted and can’t afford a consultant to help them take their product to the next level.  We are looking for clever inventors that currently HAVE a product.  You must have a tangible product that for various reasons may need revamping or is in need of the right person to help you get it placed on the shelves of leading retail chains.  You must have a big personality or unique characteristics and a clever invention that you think has the "it" factor.  Have you gotten through to a retail buyer but they hated your packaging - even though you thought is was perfect?  Do you just have a great product but can't seem to get through to the retailers to get it placed on their shelves?  Have you spent all of your money trying to market it with no real results?  You get the idea! We want great stories with clever product and big personalities.

Phase 1 Casting Submission Requirements
Producers are looking for people who think they have the "it factor" with their invention.
  • U.S. Resident
  • Must be 18 - 60 years and older
  • Casting is open to men and women
  • An inventor with a product currently on the market
  • Clever story with great backstory
Submission Instructions
  • Upload your casting video to YouTube and send us the link.  
  • Your video must not be more than two-three minutes in length.  You must be able to show us who you are and your product and what it does within 3 minutes.  Videos will not be considered that are longer than 3 minutes.  By submitting your videos you agree that you are submitting your video for casting purposes for producers to look at.  Videos are for casting only.
  • Include in your video: who you are, where you live, product info (show us anything visual), why you would make a great candidate for the show and your problem with the invention.
  • Next Post on YouTube
  • Email the link to Producers with a brief description that includes: your name, phone number, email and any contact information so we can contact you if we would like to take you to Phase 2 of the casting process.
  • Deadline for submissions: June 15th and please no emails off topic.  Thank you.
We will contact you if you've moved on to Phase 2 of the casting call process.  At that point we will have you send us the original video file as well as a completed application to be considered for the show.  Thank you for your submission!
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