Friday, March 11, 2011

Very Creative Opportunity to Promote your Business with Business Beware

We are huge fans and supporters of Business Beware. They have also supported Womentorz from the beginning, so whenever they have fun promotions we like to share them with the community.  

About Business Beware
The Business Beware Show is the edgy, non-fluff show for business owners and customers that brings you business humor, customer service with a twist, business advice and interviews with small business owners from all over. Hosted by father/daughter duo Robert and Ashley Bodi, who are small business owners that live in the shoes of everyday business owners and know all about the ups and downs of what it’s like to own a business.

Fun Opportunity for you to promote your business in their words.....

We (Business Beware) are getting ready to launch our web show on cable and want to offer any and every business the chance to promote their business on our show. We know it can be expensive to advertise and market so we got creative and came up with this...we have a bunch of tshirts that need to be worn so if you want to wear our shirts at your business or for the day, week, month etc. we will gladly promote your business on the air. The shirts are dear to us because they will have partner logos that we proudly support so you are not only supporting us but also supporting them which makes us smile. Best of all, you don't pay us just simply some pictures of you and your crew wearing our shirts and even a video if you feel like it. To learn more about getting involved in this opportunity contact Ashley: ashley(at) If you're interested don't wait too long because the list is filling up and we are trying to keep up with the t-shirts!

To see their show and learn more about Business Beware visit !
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