Monday, January 3, 2011

The Power of Celebrity Gifting

It's easy to fall into the traditional avenues of promoting and marketing your product and/or service.  We often forget how powerful celebrity endorsement can be.  When I say endorsement, I don't mean that they have publicly supported your product, which obviously is a huge deal.  This can happen, but not by just sitting there and it doesn't usually happen often.  You still need to send your product to the celebrity regardless.  Another form of endorsement can simply be a thank you letter that they send back to you, or a statement from their contact of what they thought of your gift.  Just the fact that you sent your product to a celebrity and that they have it in their hands is a priceless marketing tool you are able to use for years to come.

Selecting a celebrity who you like and who you think would love your product is a definite plus and must.  You shouldn't be sending your product to just any celebrity.  Know your market and your celebrities.  Even though we would all love to have an A List celebrity receive our product, many times they have been so inundated with gifts over the years that they no longer accept them.  Don't underestimate the power of even D List celebrities.  It may not be your ideal choice, but they are well known by the public and could possibly become A List over time. 

Obviously, you can do this yourself, but it's difficult to get the connections and have managers or agents take you seriously.  It definitely helps to have a third party who is known to screen products and only send quality merchandise as your spokesperson.  This is where Celeb Hoopla comes into play.  We are highly respected in the industry and can give you the third party endorsement and guarantee of delivery you're in need of. 

This service normally costs thousands of dollars with other gifting agencies where you're usually lumped in with other products.  You won't be spending thousands of dollars with Celeb Hoopla either.  We can give you a customized quote depending on the celebrity of choice.  Obviously, the more popular the celebrity the more work is involved. 

When you're thinking about your budget don't forget to keep celebrity gifting as an essential marketing tool for 2011!!!
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